Best Offers You Can Get from Dodoelephant

DODOELEPHANT Collaboration Challenge

We're on the lookout for showcase videos and pictures! Show us your best videos and take photos to showcase our product (Use your creativity and knowledge of a current trend).

Special Promotion Items

To showcase our product, you'll need to do both of these things:
1 Create at least one 45s to 60s product-related video. You can create as many videos as you'd like, as long as they're related to the product.

2 Take at least 5 photos, the creator together with the product. You can do as many photos as you'd like.

1 Who can join?

You're eligible to participate if you:

1 Are 18 years old or over
2 Have access to take pictures
3 Have access to create videos
4 Are a USA resident
5 The product must be clearly visible & the creator should be in the photo, interacting with the product. At least 5 photos are required.
6 Post a 45s to 60s product video & the creator should be in the video

2 How will the product be selected?
You are welcome to select whatever you like from Special Promotion Items. You placed the order, then received the package, showcase the photo, and contact us via email or Instagram message.

Our independent expert judges will review qualifying videos and photos from eligible creators, and select the Reward based on how they demonstrated their creativity, skill, and passion in the past. Reward additional payment of $18-38!

3 When do I start?
You must complete the criteria within 14 days of receiving the product sample.

4 How to deal with the product sample?
You will keep it or donate it to charity. Never Return!

5 What should I do if a product is defective?
You will get a product that meets the standards we have set. If you found the product doesn't meet the advertised standards, you should tell us beforehand, then send the defective product back to exchange for a new product.

6 Are Sponsors able to use the video & photos to promote and spread online?
Yes, of course. The sponsor has the right to use the video & photo created by the creator so that the Sponsor can promote the product and spread the brand.